portrait workshop

Class Workshop:

This is a small example of class work .We were supposed to shoot a portrait and a landscape in the timeframe of 15 minutes .And I am not very happy with the results .

The Portrait:
In the portrait, if I had I would’ve used a prime lens probably a 35mm at around F2.0 because of my crop sensor DSLR just to get a little bit more depth of the field.Also, I didn’t see that vertical line in the background wich is very distracting and would’ve given less head room because right now I think it’s too much and I don’t want to crop the image.

Although I am happy with ,it was shot with a kit lens at 50mm to not distort the image at f3,6 and iso 200 and the distance between me and the model are around 60cm .And the light is quite soft and defused because it was a normal English day.


The Landscape:

The and space itself was not impressive there is nothing interesting except streets and a cathedral next to the campus.This was the obvious way to go but I wanted  to try something a bit different in the short timeframe.So I wanted to find some autumn colors.

I think my objective was achieved but not as I expected it although it’s a landscape because of my surrounding I shoot at 35mm and made the mistake to shoot at an inappropriate speed 1/250 so I boosted the iso a bit to 800 and also because I was quite close to the subject there is depth that’s not supposed to be there and could of close the aperture more than the f8.0.

What I would love to change is that first I was going to close the aperture more probably F11 and above get the speed and the iso down even without a tripod my DSLR got a sensor shifting stabilization and I am very steady myself so I know if I am next to an object as there was a pole next to me I can shoot freehand at 1/15.

Also, some post production was done because I wanted to have the colors but because there was a bad depth of the field I didn’t want to pop anything out too much so I got the contrast down to get the image flatter and keep it as realistic to what I see as possible.


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