baldervan HDR

Landscape Influence and Research:

For the Landscape, I thought I should get out of my Comfort Zone and do something that nowadays seems to be everywhere.HDR or High Dynamic Range  photography . I am a big fan of Avant-garde and new school style and I also love rich images full of detail and colors and I think an HDR image can help me achieve that look.
So in my research, i stuck upon a website that had some of the best photographers in the sphere. Although all the photographers in the website had stunning images nothing caught my attention as much as unknown from me stock photographer under the username BALDERVAN and his HDR landscape.
But at the end after looking for too long I found out some imperfection that   Trey Ratcliff just didn’t have perfect execution stunning hdr way beyond everything I’ve seen and I am glad I did that research to stumble across a man like that.That is the one guy I

highly suggest checking out.
I know the main concept of HDR and how to execute it and late on edit it but the challenge is to be a good and usable image to match my expectations.



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