Chistopher Bailey

Portrait Influence and Research:

For my Final Portrait, i want to do a fitness shoot.I am a fitness maniac myself so looking at all these great photographs motivated me to train and shoot better. Therefore I researched a lot of photographers know for their rough male fitness portraits. Some of the photographers that I like are Justin Grant, Christopher Bailey, Tim Marner, Brent Haywood .I really enjoy those in every aspect but some were outstanding like Tim Marner’s Fire Fighting shoot is just amazing, but maybe I would attempt something similar in the future.Right now I am concentrated on images like Christopher Bailey very strong clean with all the qualities I’d like and maybe I could have some interaction with him in the near future because he is from Birmingham.

For a conclusion I want my portrait to display the best characteristics of the model to be rough and manly.I ¬†know that I would need a lot of light and play with a big variety of angles. And because I don’t have a prime lens right now only a kit I am very limited to F3.6 at 35-50mm to not distort the image.


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