THE final portrait

Final Portrait

The Final Portrait was almost as I expected it to be with quite a bit things I would love to change and re-do when I have the gear I need.

What I like about it:

I like that it shows the best features of the model and was able to achieve a very rough look.The hair in front of his face was intentional and I think it did what I wanted to but it might be quite hard to understand.I removed the background and put a stock image instead because it had a feel that the model is at home and there were some distractions in the background.A lot of edits but at the end was worth it achieving the look I want.

What I would change about it:

I would love to do several things differently and most of them are hardware concerned.I would get a remote flash a 50mm f1.8 a reflector and a better background. If I had all of these I would probably shoot f2.4 100iso 100 sec with a slow sync and a reflector to the opposite angle of the flash.That would allow me to separate the subject better get that side light the way I wanted it to look in a controlled environment and the iso and the better lens would  definitely boost the quality and sharpness wish I value highly.


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