Plans And Drafts :Landscape

For the landscape, i was just exploring Coventry and looking for a good place to shoot.I had the idea for the HDR and I know I wanted colors and no people.But also because I had almost no experience with HDR I did several attempts with my phone first and then with the camera.It took some time to get used to but the end results were likable to me.Most of the landscapes are shot with F11 or above at 18mm and lowest iso and shutter speed possible.

What went wrong: Well it didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to my tripod broke the first time I went out and finding a good location to shoot that would satisfy my hunger for colors was quite hard. I didn’t expect to find the perfect place but at least something interesting enough to grab someone’s attention.

What went right: Because it was a landscape the only thing I needed was a tripod there is a lot of light and it’s

mainly soft in the UK so it was pretty easy to get decent quality.Closed the aperture as much as possible to not have a big depth in the photos lower the iso because no one likes noise in landscapes and choose the appropriate speed(Before the tripod broke).

These were some of the images I took:


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