Final Landscape

So the first HDR attempts were deffinetly not what i wanted them to be and look like so i dig in and did more research on it and  editing it.
Found out more about exposure changes with how many stops and so on. I had to do it manually because of my DSLR had no auto exposure bracketing.
The bads: Tripod broke so stills ware almoust impossible yet very crucial at that point. At the day and time i was in the park there ware way too many people pets and so on distracting the picture.So even in the last image i had to remove a dog and a men from it. Also had some struggles with the light it was not the perfect time of the day to be at that place but i tought that  hour before sunset is goint to be perfect.
And the last thing is the HDR software because it was free and a trial version it left a watermark on the final image wich is probably the worst thing that happend till now.

The goods: The journey of learning about HDR how to do it what it could produce was great.I am a big colour junky so seeing alot of detail in the darks and all that color was very likeable.The conditions i wanted ware 90% there did the shoot liked it did it 5 more times still liked it and decided that that should be it.
The landscape and original files:


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